The tickets have yet to be released, Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for more details. Alternatively, email us to be the first to know when tickets become available.

Welcome to UKAPP, the UK’s biggest amateur pole competition, tailored to giving amateurs a friendly and supportive platform to compete and perform on. This competition is all about you the competitor. This is your time to shine, as you take charge of the stage and entertain your audience whilst showing off your skills as a pole dancer. UKAPP is all about the performance, dance your style and create your show. UKAPP has already helped some of the UK’s leading professionals in taking that step from amateur level to professional and our stage has been that stepping stone for many of the UK’s biggest names: from Bendy Kate, Daniel Rosen, and Karry Summers.

A Big Thank You
UKAPP 2014 would like to thank the polenastics team for allowing us to use their forms this year.Visit Polenastics

There are 5 categories in which amateur poler’s can compete against their peers:

  • Performer
  • Intermediate
  • Elite
  • Doubles

and for the first time ever,

  • Semi-Pro

For all those instructors who may want to compete but don’t want to compete against seasoned pros. UKAPP prides itself on its friendly and supportive atmosphere and, as such, we think it will be the ideal platform for those persons who may feel nervous or apprehensive about taking those first steps. Don’t worry, everyone will be in the same boat.

Important Downloads